The Hardest Part


We managed to take a break from the chatter to actually take a photograph! Layla had this gorgeous vintage dress and had brought some boots along so we both felt it would be perfect to shoot Coldplay’s, Hardest Part lyric in the hallway.

“Waiting for that bell to ring” was a good line and could mean a number of things. Phone, end of lesson but we settled on the doorbell. A ring on the bell could be the start or end of something or just be mundane and an anti climax. I like to think of it as the beginning, an unknown that doesn’t reveal itself until you swing the front door open.

Waiting for it to ring, implies a hint of desperation, a ‘need’ for it to, as if the world can’t move forward unless it does…

“The strangest thing” suggests the writer believes it was an odd thing to be doing but, out of control, he has no choice.

The song is about love of course but as usual, there are many synonyms contained that could be interpreted into many aspects of life.


Model: Layla-Leigh
Location: Chippenham, UK