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Before going to Ireland a couple of weeks ago I was lucky and fortunate enough to be invited to the home of a friend of a relative as part of my “Englishmans Home…” project.

I drove down to Dorset to meet Paul and we chatted and realised that he had nearly taught me at my comprehensive school and also knew many people that I did. We then proceeded to visit his “Den” and to set about taking the picture of him I needed for my project.

Returning from this successful shoot, driving across beautiful countryside and thinking as I often best do in the car, I recognised that this project could and should be much bigger and wider than I had first thought. These thoughts were then discussed with my network of friends, family and other influencers in my life whose opinions I hold very dear. During my stay away on the Emerald Isle my vision was able to to be fed and grow. Those I discussed this with all seemed to agree, there really was only myself stopping this project from becoming a very important and exciting body of work, seen by millions rather than a few hundred. Work that should get not only nationwide critical acclaim but that should be on the bookshelves of pretty much every British Citizen in the UK! A tall order you may think but a fascinating and though provoking idea.

This body of work would have mass appeal. It is already interesting with the few subjects I have shot. When I have a full and proper representation of the society we live in, we will have a body of work that will excite, disgust, amaze, amuse and appeal. The idea that the book viewer will be able to peer into 400 british male’s homes and see them deep in their own environment as never before, will satisfy all of our voyeuristic tendencies and hunger for the pursuit of ‘normal’.

Since this eureka thought process has developed, I have subsequently shot two more subjects for the project and they have been amazing encounters and produced stunning images. I realise now that my encounters with these people are extremely important in order to take the right shot. I already can see a ‘style’ of my own developing with the images for this project. I am already instinctively able to see the shot the minute I walk into their home! This has the chance to go big, big, BIG!

So, I have spent the last few days considering my next moves and they are this. I have now written up a full scale business plan and body of text to attract a Corporate Sponsor for this 2012 Olympic Year project. The upshot of this is that I need around £30,000 to make this project produce the results it needs to in the timeframe given. Most of this cost goes on advertising for subjects in the national and regional press.

I ask each reader of this blog this, please consider this project seriously. If you have ANY contacts in the business world that you feel may be able to help further this amazing opportunity then please please let me know. I need to get in front of the right businesses and the right people in those businesses that are able to make decisions. Any business with a social conscience or general duty of care to the UK as a whole would be applicable and their association would be hugely beneficial to their business as a whole.

If you have any other ideas as to where this capital could come from then please also let me know, maybe a private investor you know who would donate and support a UK based arts project or a body able to make quick decisions equally supportive of such ventures. I have all the information to hand they would need to seriously consider this undertaking.

Never before has such an important study excited me so much and I really feel passionate that this can produce one of the most photographically exciting exhibitions and books seen on these shores in recent times. Of course, if you know of any interesting UK men able and willing to take part in the study then please also let me know asap.

The opportunity is immense…

This image below was not taken for this project but gives a very small idea of the flavour some of these images could have.

Chris, Retired Banker and avid Spurs Fan, Somerset