Top Class Hotels, Diving & Radio Shows


It’s strange how life seems to go in full circles at times. The last couple of days have been rather mundane and unappealing with mucho processing, admin and general nose to grind stone kinda stuff. Then, all of a sudden, certain things creep out of no-where and vie for your attention when you least expect it.

Granted, processing is hardly one of those things that is likely to catch me unawares. So it was when the phone rang yesterday evening and a hugely pleasant and timely conversation was had with Huw from the massively successful and exclusive (truly) Old Rectory Hotel in North Devon, that I realised things were going to look up. Huw and Sam are truly lovely people from the old days, days when proprietors cared about their clientele. Really cared. They know that their success is based on proper customer service that leaves the receiver feeling warm, loved and ‘alive’. The brilliance of a stay at The Old Rectory is that they (Huw & Sam) don’t realise quite how fantastic they make you feel. And that is their secret. They work hard, love what they do and believe in the people that stay with them. It is therefore a massive privilege to be ‘their’ photographer and to be associated with them. We have booked a session mid-May to shoot the outside, the gardens and quite possibly the essence of what the whole experience of the Hotel really is, the two guys themselves!

The processing of the FINA World Diving Series became a little easier, the shots were not amazing but they were starting to show the beauty of world class diving. Athleticism, grace, poise and above all, brute strength and courage. To capture these qualities is a real treat and quite difficult to achieve. Upon looking at the 100’s of captures I realised that some, just a few images, captured the ‘feel’ I was after.

I then received another call from an old friend who was going to drop by this evening. We spent a lovely couple of hours chewing the cud before we went across the road to the mecca that is the itfm Radio studios to put out, live, the first pilot show of my Radio DJing career. Boy, what an addictive and amazing experience that was!  Total control of the jukebox (as it were) and total control of the mics. Mmmm….heaven can’t be this good! I think you will be hearing a lot more of Rich Ellis on itfm Internet Radio on Wednesday evenings 9-11pm. Hunt it down, guests will be a plenty…watch this space.

Tom Daley & Pete Waterfield

Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield on their way to Gold in the 10m Synchro FINA World Diving Series 2011 in Sheffield

10m Synchro Diving FINA World Series, Sheffield

Perfect harmony at the FINA World Series in Sheffield


London Town & Radio Show


Yesterday I travelled up to Covent Garden, London Town for a business meeting. It was looking spectacular with the gorgeous sun and 22ºC heat. The tube was getting a bit warm already which I don’t love even at the best of times.

I did grab the chance to drop in to see a contact at a marketing agency to pick up my portfolio book I left with them a few weeks ago. I enquired whether there was much photography work knocking about but was told it was pretty quiet. It might just be an excuse to not use us but I really would love to work with them.

I got home late afternoon and had to get one of the kids to grab a quick headshot of me for my media accreditation at the FINA World Diving Championships at Sheffield next week. Really am looking forward to that. Gemma at UK Swimming has sold the event out so it should be a great couple of days. All the top divers from around the world will be there too. Also looking forward to seeing Nick Robinson-Baker and the hugely unlucky but recovering well Monica Gladding after her accident. I have hired a 300mm f2.8 lens which should be cool for the event but maybe a bit much for the wedding we are attending on the Saturday!

Later last night I was given a quick tutorship on how to run a radio show for the ITFM internet radio station. It only has a few listeners currently but everything has to start somewhere doesn’t it? I have agreed to do a show on Weds evenings 9-11pm titled “Rich Ellis & Friends”. Keep your ears out for that then eh??

Better go and get ready to see The Mob tonight at The Fleece. Not shooting them but going purely as a paying punter. They last played together in 1983 and I saw some of their first ever gigs in Yeovil in Somerset in the late 70’s!! Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself…Meeting up with a few very old friends who are travelling from many miles away to support a brilliant band.