The RPS Members’ Biennial Exhibition 2013


It is with much delight and pride that we announce that our wonderful photographer Rich Ellis has had not only one, but two images accepted into the Royal Photographic Society’s Members’ Biennial Exhibition 2013. This accomplishment is even more exciting when you realise that there are only 100 images in the exhibition and Rich’s entries were chosen from nearly 9,000 member submissions! 

The exhibition itself starts touring the country in February 2013 and begins at The Harlequin Centre in Watford. 

“I am honoured to have these images accepted in such a prestigious exhibition and to be considered amongst such esteemed company. The quality of the images accepted are outstanding and it is always good to know that the Judges think your work to be worthy of display” – Rich commented recently.

The two images accepted are posted below:


Nick Robinson-Baker, Olympic Diver, London 2012


Robert and His Meccano

 The image of GB Olympic Diver, Nick Robinson-Baker was taken as a prelude to the Olympics this year and the aim was to capture a slightly different image than the norm whilst still keeping the patriotism of the games alive. 

The image of local man “Robert” was shot earlier this year as part of Rich’s “An Englishman’s Home…” project. This project seeks to capture the diverse nature of UK men in their home environments. 

Rich again commented, “Both of these images are very different and produced for different reasons. Nick has become a personal friend and we wanted to produce a cool looking image that went with his fierce national loyalty. The photograph of Robert is much more documentary in its nature and aims to show how men in the UK live around their hobbies and passions. Robert is mad keen on Meccano and I thought the image provided an interesting insight into his personal world.”

We at Squash Imagery, a Chippenham based photographic company, are proud of our work and this just further enhances our reputation and capabilities in the commercial sector. 

Our congratulations go to Rich and all the contributors, finalists and Award winners of this wonderful exhibition. The link at the RPS Main website is here:



New Year, New Dawn


It is that time of year again when Christmas is already history, the presents are all opened and you wait around for the old year to fade out and the new one to be welcomed! We have had an absolute belter of a 2011 here at Ellis Imagery Ltd. It has been a real exploration of wit, guile and creativity. At times it has been totally frustrating and others thoroughly mesmerising.

So, not one to look back too hard, what does this new year of 2012 hold in store for us here? Well, I have had some amazing photographic books by some of the real masters (like Duffy) and to say I am excited about the coming 12 months is an understatement. There is so much to do and so little time to do it all. Also, money will be a hamperer as it always is.

Lets look at the year and see what it has in store. Well, there is always the Olympics and I would love to set a project around that. Not based on the Games themselves but on ordinary people, people like you and me, what do they mean to us? What hopes do we have about the games? How will it affect and effect our lives? Will you be touched? Mmmm…I will think on this one.

Personally there is quite a big day coming up in May, I get married to my fellow Director, love and inspiration. She is my constant in this wickedly erratic world and should I prepare for a project about the lead up and the aftermath of such a huge day in someone’s life?

Finally, I have a strong feeling that one of my many resolutions this year will be to work hard at some of these personal projects I want to pursue. My main one being to start and develop a theme that has been in my head for some time and this is the project titled “An Englishman’s Home….” It will be a study of how men look at their place of comfort and solace. A series of portraits depicting different styles, loves, cares, dreams and resignations. My biggest task will be to get the subjects themselves to trust me to take reportage images, not to show them in a negative light. The aim will not be to judge but to accurately record, kind of reportage mixed with a journalistic style. All hopefully beautifully shot with care and tenderness for the subjects and their private lives.

Anyway, whatever your dreams and aspirations are for 2012 may the world grant you them and your god look kindly on us all and maybe at least reduce the amount of appalling violence and hate in the world.

Peace, love and dreams


Guy Garvey

Guy Garvey, Elbow, Cardiff

Olly Murs, Colston Hall, Bristol

Monique Gladding & Nick Robinson-Baker

Olympic Diving hopefuls, Monique Gladding and Nick Robinson-Baker

Shaftesbury Guitar Advert, Soho, London

Mid-week Excitements!


The update on the hard drive saga is that it is costing me an absolute fortune to see if any data can be recovered by a crack team of ‘experts’ in some far away land. I am guessing it is now becoming a forlorn hope and an experience that I never ever want to have to repeat. What a horrible feeling it is to realise you may never get back some of your hard work!! Boohoo…

On a more positive note, I had an interesting albeit maybe not too lucrative meeting down on the south coast yesterday and managed to catch up with my old buddy and friend Rich Lock. He never changes and in the 2 hours we were together managed to lose his wallet. It sounds dramatic but I have never really been with him for any length of time without him losing his wallet. Or keys. Or phone. 2 hours though is a personal best even for Rich.

Today the icelandic dust cloud has cleared the North of England which means we will be able to travel to Newcastle tomorrow morning and therefore see the amazing Take That in concert at the Stadium of Light as planned! All I need to do now is pack and make sure I have all the right paperwork etc. Early start tho’!

I also visited a potential client today to help with a couple of advertising ideas and hopefully if we can create some good concepts then I would hope to be able to get more photographic jobs from them including shooting the ads themselves. As always it will be the idea that really will win the day, the rest will come quite naturally.

After last weeks slight hiccup (too much wine tasting at the London International Wine Fair) the Radio Show continues on between the hours of 9-11pm GMT. Tonights show should be fun as it will be the first time that my Fiancee has ever graced the airwaves and boy is she nervous already! Nice easy baptism from me then in the early minutes do you think?

This triptych study was shot during a studio session with GB Olympic Diving Team members, Monique Gladding and Nick Robinson-Baker, both from Sheffield.

Monique Gladding and Nick Robinson-Baker

Olympic Diving Duo, Monique Gladding and Nick Robinson-Baker

London Town & Radio Show


Yesterday I travelled up to Covent Garden, London Town for a business meeting. It was looking spectacular with the gorgeous sun and 22ºC heat. The tube was getting a bit warm already which I don’t love even at the best of times.

I did grab the chance to drop in to see a contact at a marketing agency to pick up my portfolio book I left with them a few weeks ago. I enquired whether there was much photography work knocking about but was told it was pretty quiet. It might just be an excuse to not use us but I really would love to work with them.

I got home late afternoon and had to get one of the kids to grab a quick headshot of me for my media accreditation at the FINA World Diving Championships at Sheffield next week. Really am looking forward to that. Gemma at UK Swimming has sold the event out so it should be a great couple of days. All the top divers from around the world will be there too. Also looking forward to seeing Nick Robinson-Baker and the hugely unlucky but recovering well Monica Gladding after her accident. I have hired a 300mm f2.8 lens which should be cool for the event but maybe a bit much for the wedding we are attending on the Saturday!

Later last night I was given a quick tutorship on how to run a radio show for the ITFM internet radio station. It only has a few listeners currently but everything has to start somewhere doesn’t it? I have agreed to do a show on Weds evenings 9-11pm titled “Rich Ellis & Friends”. Keep your ears out for that then eh??

Better go and get ready to see The Mob tonight at The Fleece. Not shooting them but going purely as a paying punter. They last played together in 1983 and I saw some of their first ever gigs in Yeovil in Somerset in the late 70’s!! Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself…Meeting up with a few very old friends who are travelling from many miles away to support a brilliant band.