Commercial Shoots


Its late on Weds the 8th and I have just got back from doing my radio show. Its cool to do, and I keep on getting great and interesting chats and meetings while doing it. It just goes to show that we aren’t on this planet for long and when you are it is worth taking every single opportunity to do as much and to experience as much as you can. Not for any other reason than it just takes and puts you in so many brilliant places! I have just had a chat with the fascinating and obviously brilliant Ian Williams who runs and whilst chatting he remarks that he has a girl called Gabrielle Aplin on his radio show on Sunday.

So, being on the button, I grab a Gabrielle tune and play it on my show. Well, OMFG! This girl is 18 years old. She is sensational. Absolutely sensational and she lives close by and she writes and sings and plays all her own stuff! Seriously, she is playing Glasto on the acoustic stage this year and if you get a chance, make sure you get along and see her. Visit her website and listen, just listen. WOW! 18! Mmmm….. I am going to meet her on Sunday at the Radio Studio where she is playing live after 11am on itfm.

I spent yesterday shooting a small firm of architect’s people and offices. I think the shoot went really well but the truth will out tomorrow morning when I meet the Agency to show them the proofs! I quickly converted them to B&W (which is how they want the web images) and did little else with them so I hope they are as required! It was a challenging shoot as the space (the offices) were quite compact and difficult to get the angles as required. Still, I am sure the agency will have more than enough to choose from! Overall the shoot took about 2 hours and the clients were very accommodating and patient, as a ‘tog with ideas can be a bit tedious to the subjects as we all know!

Today was spent doing further research on the business project and then processing some of the wicked and thrilling Claire Richardson shots. So little time and so much processing to do. I wish there were more hours in the day! I would so love to get so much more processing done but it takes soooo much time.

Some great news though! I got my hard drive back, fully recovered and fully bloody expensive! Feck! (Note to self, NEVER let this happen again!) It is a relief to have ALL my work back with me but soooo scary to make sure that all projects are backed up twice at all times!

Talking of projects, I want so much to move my lyrics project forward so that I can put an exhib together soon! Need to find more models as the last two from MM didn’t respond which is a shame ‘cos they were perfect. Below is a reminder of what it is about and a chance to show a gratuitous naked woman shot! The beautiful Anita de Bauche, nude, doing the famous Travis lyric “I’m being held up by invisible men”.

Oh well, keep pluggin’ on!


Anita De Bauche

For the lyric project, this is, "I'm being held up by invisible men"


Mid-week Excitements!


The update on the hard drive saga is that it is costing me an absolute fortune to see if any data can be recovered by a crack team of ‘experts’ in some far away land. I am guessing it is now becoming a forlorn hope and an experience that I never ever want to have to repeat. What a horrible feeling it is to realise you may never get back some of your hard work!! Boohoo…

On a more positive note, I had an interesting albeit maybe not too lucrative meeting down on the south coast yesterday and managed to catch up with my old buddy and friend Rich Lock. He never changes and in the 2 hours we were together managed to lose his wallet. It sounds dramatic but I have never really been with him for any length of time without him losing his wallet. Or keys. Or phone. 2 hours though is a personal best even for Rich.

Today the icelandic dust cloud has cleared the North of England which means we will be able to travel to Newcastle tomorrow morning and therefore see the amazing Take That in concert at the Stadium of Light as planned! All I need to do now is pack and make sure I have all the right paperwork etc. Early start tho’!

I also visited a potential client today to help with a couple of advertising ideas and hopefully if we can create some good concepts then I would hope to be able to get more photographic jobs from them including shooting the ads themselves. As always it will be the idea that really will win the day, the rest will come quite naturally.

After last weeks slight hiccup (too much wine tasting at the London International Wine Fair) the Radio Show continues on between the hours of 9-11pm GMT. Tonights show should be fun as it will be the first time that my Fiancee has ever graced the airwaves and boy is she nervous already! Nice easy baptism from me then in the early minutes do you think?

This triptych study was shot during a studio session with GB Olympic Diving Team members, Monique Gladding and Nick Robinson-Baker, both from Sheffield.

Monique Gladding and Nick Robinson-Baker

Olympic Diving Duo, Monique Gladding and Nick Robinson-Baker