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Model: Belle Eve               Location: Wiltshire, UK

The beautiful Belle Eve contacted me to see if I was interested in a shoot as she was ‘in my area’ on a tour. One look at her port and I jumped at the chance.

She arrived ready to go and we spent a few hours chatting, shooting, chatting and shooting some more. We tried different styles, we varied the lighting and I changed lenses throughout.

Eventually, when it came to editing, as I’m finding with many of these portrait shoots, the tricky bit is choosing which shots fit my own brief and work with the other images I already have.

This isn’t one of the chosen images but I love it all the same. I like Belle’s near smile and eye contact. A lovely image of a lovely model!

Shot using an LED continuous ring light on Canon 5D Mark IV, Sigma f1.4 85mm at 1/500th sec at f2.5, ISO 1600.