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Model: Ezzie                                                                              Location: Swindon

I promise this is the last in the series of “lyrics”, my project is complete.

This final image was one that Ezzie and I had planned for over a year. We needed to find the right weather and time of year. In the full-size version you’d be able to clearly see the rain falling. Brave Ezzie stood out in it for over an hour in freezing conditions and like the super-star she’s sure to become, she never complained once! We tried a few different poses and settings before I settled on this one for the final edit.

The song is by Front Porch Step and is called Drown. It’s an angst ridden chant-like acoustic song that either grates or catches. For me it caught. It captures the fleeting moment between outright devastation and anger when a relationship breaks down. The hurt is still there but the anger isn’t far away. Part of the healing process I guess.