Rainbow smile

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This is dedicated to all those people in the world that fight and struggle with all forms of depression. Either on a regular basis, occasionally or only once in their lives. However people are affected, deep bouts or light ‘downs’, living and coping with it can be extremely debilitating. If the truth was told, we all suffer at some point with ‘little black clouds’ following us around.

This image is my attempt, inspired by the Stereophonics’, Maybe Tomorrow track to make my small comment.

I remember times in my life when regardless of how I felt, I went out into the world and wore my ‘rainbow smile’. Sometimes, I tried to ‘buy’ happiness, maybe alcohol, maybe a physical object, maybe another kind of false tonic. I may have felt mildly better, for a time, but then I ended up alone with my thoughts.

Mental illness is simply awful. Appearances deceive, help is limited and most of us try to power on through. We try to bury it deep inside, soldier on and sometimes we get lucky, altering some things in our lives which helps to heal the wounds.

Maybe tomorrow I might feel better if I can just (rainbow) smile my way through today.

Big love to all



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