Dance along the light of day

I met the lovely Roswell Ivory a couple of weeks ago here in Wiltshire. We had some pre-shoot comms about what I’d like to try to complete during our 3 hours working together.

When I picked her up we chatted more and both the shots we completed ended up being different from the ideas I had in my head.

This one was always going to be interesting as it’s about a girl who’s gone away travelling to discover herself and the world, leaving a boyfriend behind at home. He’s now wondering if she still loves him now she’s realised some of her dreams.

Capturing this was hard enough, editing it in a way that evoked what I wanted it to was even harder. I tried several different edits, a couple (as is often the case!) I laughed at a day later and hit the delete key but this developed over a few days of adjusting, building, moving and developing. The final edit is a little more ‘polished’ but this is near enough!

She’s returned from her “stay on the moon” and is free, more relaxed and ultimately more knowing. Whether thats a good thing for our writer is a different matter…

Thanks to Train and “Drops of Jupiter” for the inspiration, thanks to Roswell for her patience and stickability despite howling winds, a freezing location and intermittent heavy downpours!



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