Spanish Dancer

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Avant Garde last week on a couple of ideas. The first was this one, inspired by the Counting Crows classic, Mr Jones. 

After playing around with lighting and various poses, we settled for something like this. The charming Avant is a ballet dancer, burlesque performer, make-up brand owning professional therapist. In fact there isn’t much she isn’t doing currently! So striking various ‘spanish’ dance looks wasn’t too taxing for her however, I loved the eye contact and confidence of this shot.

The eagle eyed among you will also notice a couple of other references to the song in the final picture.

Mr Jones is about two guys doing what I used to do a lot. Going to see a band and then hanging out getting drunk and talking about our hopes and dreams for the future. Fantasising that one day we’d be famous, popular and attractive, whats not to like?

As a footnote, Adam Duritz, The Crow’s songwriter, references a girl called ‘Maria’ in a few of his songs across different albums and nobody knows who she is. I think she’s his non-existent dream girl but it’d be ace if she was real!



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