Lapland Twist

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There nothing remarkable about these two pictures of a snowy Lapland in Finland at the beginning of the year. However, there are two mildly interesting facts about these images.

The first is that despite both looking totally ‘normal’ they are in fact shot at the dead of night. If you look carefully there are stars twinkling through in the blue sky and there’s a yellow glow of town lights on the left of the first one.

The second point is a more personal one. The shot of the car belies the fact it was parked on at least two feet of lying snow. This was fine until we tried to reverse onto the narrow track. The wheels sank and we were left rocking aimlessly back and forwards for a few minutes trying to gain some traction, imagining knocking on a local’s door to try to locate a tractor to pull us out! Despite it being a Volvo 4×4 we were well and truly stuck there for a while!




2 thoughts on “Lapland Twist

    1. Hi and many thanks for the comment. No, we didn’t visit any of those places when we came over but I have been inside the arctic circle a few times. We also have visited and attended a wedding at the Ice Hotel in Sweden but the Castle looks awesome!

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