Big Girl

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Some songs have an opening line that just sticks in the mind and ever since The Stranglers released Hanging Around (it’s been a few years now!) this one stuck in mine.

It’s one of those shots I’ve always had in my head and I needed the right model and the right kind of venue. Little did I realise it was literally less than a mile away from my home! I was chatting the idea over with Tinkerbella and she suggested a disused large old industrial unit. I immediately knew where one was.

When we got there it was perfect. I had some equipment malfunction issues with my remote flash trigger so shot with on camera light. I’m glad I did as the result throws a massive shadow  onto the huge corrugated wall making her even bigger than my lying on the tarmac shooting position was already making her. It also helps (with the slight wonky angle) give a feel of impromptu snap which also goes well with the idea. Tinks pose topped it off. I’d always pictured the ‘girl in the red dress’ as being bold and sassy with a sort of ‘night out on the town’ feel.