Body Rise

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Fields of Gold is one of Sting’s best known songs and I wouldn’t normally choose it but I’ve always thought this line is one of his most sexy.

It’s kinda one of those things always talked about as romantic and a bit dreamy, every school boys fantasy. A roll in the golden corn on a warm summer’s day.

The shoot was an odd one really as we shot the ‘hanging’ one first and it was only after Tinkerbella found a small area of un-harvested ‘barley’ that we decided to shoot it. We had to quickly change our mindset and mood to shoot something totally different which isn’t always easy. I wasn’t sure it should be a nude but when we shot it, it just seemed pure and right.

(On a sidenote about the song, it’s always slightly annoyed me that on the recording, Sting does that annoying thing of ‘softening’ the hard p’s and b’s in words to stop popping in the microphone. Consequently words like ‘upon’ become ‘uvon’ and ‘barley’ occasionally change to ‘varley’. Personally I’d rather a slight pop!)


Model: Tinkerbella                Location: Wiltshire


General, Photographs

I went to Newbury in Berkshire UK of all places to take this shot. It’s again a bleak setting with disturbing subject material.

I must have heard The Cure’s, Subway Song, over 35 years ago and it’s always one that’s haunted me. Being a man, I have no idea really what this feeling must be like. It is surely most female’s nightmare.

The walking rhythmic bassline, the haunting harmonica, Smith’s whispered vocal, and the pulsing high-hat drag you in to the frankly awful, blood curdling climax. Rarely does a song have such drama in such a short space of time. It lasts 1.54 minutes in total and it’s too long! I hate it but love it at the same time.

Don’t listen to it if you don’t know it….but you must!