They will not control us

This was such a fun shot to do and ironically has probably the most serious message of the project!

I’d mentioned the shot to Ezzie on a previous occasion and she just said “That’s mine, I’m doing that one….don’t you dare do that with anyone else!” Who was I to refuse her?

We’d talked about it quite a bit and Ezzie had been shopping for the ‘right clothing’ ehem… We fixed a date for when the weather looked good, kids were at school and Bath City centre would be busy but not rammed. The plan was to set up the shot technically with Ezzie fully clothed and then guerrilla shoot in about 30 seconds and leg it! We’ve no idea if we broke any rules/laws but we didn’t want to hang around to find out.

I knew that if we shot in any of the ‘privately’ owned arcades or centres the obligatory Security people wouldn’t be able to resist stopping us or worse. We were slightly concerned as we parked up close by, as it was obvious it was Bath University’s Graduation day and it seemed busier than we’d hoped! So, we plumped for the main drag just outside the Royal Pump Rooms, what better way to remain inconspicuous? We figured if we were gonna do it we may as well go for it properly and anyway, we were hiding in plain view!

We were both pretty nervous but not sure why. I guess we knew it was wrong on some level but hey, we wanted the shot and remained calm. I set up the technicals and worked out the best angle and then we just looked at each other and said “Now?” With that, Ezzie pulled off her dress, threw it at me, adopted the pose we’d worked out and I grabbed the shots. The only hitch was that in her hurry and excitement she’d forgotten she’d have to get the damn thing back on again! She ran to a more secluded (comparatively) shop doorway and untangled the dress back on to become more ‘decent’ again. A lady waiting there with her daughter, complimented us on being brave and shooting a provocative and strong image!

We ran for cover but needn’t have worried, no-one seemed too bothered. We grabbed a beer in an underground bar (for stealth purposes you understand) and proceeded to high-five and come down from our high. It was then that Ezzie told me she’d never done anything like it before and was quite concerned about baring nearly all to the general public! Obviously she was an absolute superstar and I am so grateful she went through with it.

The shot and line itself pretty much speaks for itself, it’s a powerful and strong image that we’re both very proud of…the people in the background add to the shot in exactly the way we’d hoped. Many thanks to Muse and their brilliant song, Uprising.


Model: Ezzie              Location: Royal Pump Rooms, Bath, UK



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