Know Me

This line is so powerful it’s easy to gloss over it without reading it properly. Read it again and then read it again. When I was at college I remember hearing it and thinking it was brilliant and all these years later, I haven’t changed my thoughts on it.

The The and their song Giant is still on my playlist. How pertinent is it today in these troubled and glossy, vacuous times?  Where what you look like and how being notorious for being and contributing nothing is the order of the day.

No wonder so many societies kick against our twisted and sick idea of the ‘developed, first World’. Developed in what? Mindless tattle that dumbs down the brain even more than the commercialism does already. Where 15 minutes of fame is worth anything at any cost. Pursuing the dream of looking good and impressing others overtakes any logic, talent or reasoned thought. Where parasites destroy any creativity or vision before it has any chance of doing or becoming anything positive.

Is it any wonder we have the politicians we have? That the young have no idea how to actually contribute to a society that consumes mediocrity like it consumes everything else, including the soul, voraciously. Where untrue memes, quotes and vicious attacks on another individual have become acceptable and the norm on (un)social media.

This image could have also gone with the line “When I looked into my face it wasn’t myself I’d seen but who I’ve tried to be” from the same song.

“I’m scared of God and scared of hell
And I’m caving in upon myself”

How can anyone know me when I don’t even know myself…



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