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I was privileged to shoot the other day again with the delightful Ezzie who came to Wiltshire for the shoot. This time I didn’t make her cry or anything!

Being an actress, I thought I’d take advantage and ask her to throw herself into the part of angry and upset partner to portray the Nickelback “Someday” song.

We headed to an everyday bedroom and Ezzie proceeded to shout at me in between fits of laughter. The results were pretty damned good and although I shot them in daylight I still needed quite a high iso which adds to the drama intended. The resulting shot is sadly an all too familiar scene in life, the anger and hurt replacing softness and love. The image captures that combination which is unfortunately acted out in many households across the world.





I left home in Wiltshire in the pouring rain and the trip over the old Severn Bridge towards Chepstow left me feeling this shoot was going to be a wash out. Then something amazing happened….I entered Wales and guess what, the rain stopped! In all my years of travelling to Wales it has always been the other way round.

I met the lovely Helen Diaz where we’d arranged and then we drove the 1 minute up the road to prepare for the four hill climbs she’d described to reach our location for the shoot. As usual I couldn’t decide which lenses to shoot with and took about 6 when 2 would surely have sufficed, meaning my backpack weighed a ton.

The climb wasn’t nearly as long and traumatic as I’d expected and Helen hardly moaned at all about dragging her large suitcase behind her up the cobbled twisty path. (I really would have helped her, honest, but I was quite worried about having a heart attack halfway up the hill!)

We reached the ruined Chapel halfway up the hill in the woods and regained our composure. We chatted and Helen, if you haven’t met her before, is bright, fun and ever so slightly bonkers in a lovely way. Having decided on what dress she would wear for our first shoot and managing to save the areas woodlouse population, we got going.

We shot several styles of image including some art nude and then ended up with this one. It’s inspired by Duran Duran’s song, Hungry Like the Wolf. I’ve never even liked Duran Duran but my little sister fancied one of the Taylor’s or something and was always stealing the record player to play their Rio album. Needless to say, I also heard everywhere I went, parties, disco’s and everywhere else.

I always liked this line despite the band and thought/think it’s very apt for teenagers all around the world.