Yeah, I know, its a well tried and tested formula, pretty girl, big jump, catch the shot mid-air and everything looks incredible…only it’s been done a million times and has become a bit tiresome.

So I decided I’d like to do it. I’ve done it before obviously (what self respecting photographer hasn’t?), only this time it was different (don’t we all say that?). I had a purpose, it was for a reason and besides, we’d climbed a bloody great big hill to get there. The fact that the weather then played ball and produced an even more gorgeous backdrop and Jade was so brilliant at jumping 100’s of times made this a better shot yeah? Huh?

Of course this was for my project that is coming along quite nicely now with quite a few images starting to look like they could make the final cut.

For those interested, the shot was made at the top of Cherhill White Horse in Wiltshire. An amazing spot in itself albeit one of the windiest places I know!


Model: Jade Lyon

About squashimagery

Uber cool photographer bloke!!
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