Spinning around

A while ago I realised that nothing really matters. Nothing. We stress, we weep, we laugh, we worry, we cheer, we moan, we love and we hate. But, it just doesn’t carry any importance. The world will be here long after we’ve gone and long after humans ‘kill’ the planet. We won’t kill it. It’ll survive long after we ensure man can’t inhabit it.

Now, this may sound a bit depressing but if you think about it, its the opposite. Its comforting and of great reassurance. Of course the main thing is to remember, that whatever life throws at you, in the overall scheme of things, it just doesn’t have any real impact. As someone once said to me, “It’ll be alright”.

This image was made cos the world just keeps on spinning. Whatever you think, whatever you do, it’ll keep on going. So take a step back, have a ponder and remember that no amount of worry or fear will stop the world and it’ll keep on spinning…around!

Keep everything in perspective and enjoy what’s out there.


Model: Jade Lyon



About squashimagery

Uber cool photographer bloke!!
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