Last of Carla!

This is the last of the shots I took of Carla Monaco at her home studio. It wasn’t planned or structured. We were just stood there chatting and I thought she looked lovely so just took a few snaps, this was the result.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some brilliant models and when you’re with these people, shots just ping out of everywhere. In fact, sometimes, I’m sure you could just take any bunch of frames and get amazing results. They really are professional, know what they’re doing and work very hard to achieve a natural, relaxed look. Probably much like actors and actresses, it takes time, effort and a huge amount of skill to look this natural in front of a lens.

Disagree? How many times have you pointed a camera at someone and they either immediately stiffen up and look awkward or they produce the ‘selfie’ look time after time.

My hat is suitably doffed to all you professional models out there. Of course, it also takes an awesome photographer to do them justice eh? Eh?



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