My Mistress’ Eyes

This shot has been on my list of “to do” shots for a couple of years. However, I really was stuck on how to shoot it. The lyric is “my Mistress’ eyes, are nothing like the sun” by Sting and although I have always loved its mystery, I just couldn’t figure out how to best capture it.

In the end, I decided to just keep it simple and produce the first thing I’d thought of. It is one of the few images I’ve produced that doesn’t really translate well onto a computer screen. It is meant for a large framed print as the image and title’s subtlety is not obvious at small resolution. Which is why I’ve also added a ‘blown-up’ second image to capture the eyes.

Lulu Lockhart (the beautiful model) doesn’t normally shoot this style of image. That is, I’d asked her to look at the camera slightly sexily in an alluring manner. I think we were both slightly concerned the image might look a little cheesy and glamour shot-esque. However, as with this whole shoot, she went for it and her poise and graciousness shines through in the finished shot.

I have processed it hoping that the eye pupils still look almost real before the viewer notices that something is slightly amiss about them. Hopefully the portrait is still effective as a stand alone portrait but with a small twist.




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