For You

Most of us at sometime has lost a love. At the time it’s devastating, you can’t see past it and logic flies out of the window.

This image came about quickly for me, I heard the Morris Rae song, “For You” and the song blew me away. It’s beautiful but heartbreaking at the same time. The line that caught me was “I’m the girl who borrowed someone…” To me it was incredibly simple but so very poignant. We fall in love but we only ever borrow that person, they remain their own soul and occasionally, sometimes, we are brutally reminded of this.

The lyrics of the song are all so real and when it came to the shot I took, I decided that the line, “Like this girl who once held someone, and was caught along the way…” somehow seemed to work better.

Shot Southerndown beach in South Wales, Erin, the brave model, performed the role perfectly and it was her idea to introduce a reference to childhood. When I’ve suffered this kind of trauma I remember just wanting to crawl into a small ball (like when I was very young), to hide from the bad world and be held by someone that cares, that loves me, like they used to…


Larger version: Here


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