You better get on your knees and pray!

It was an idea for another lyric that tempted me to put up a casting on Purpleport to see if I could find a suitable model with a ground floor bedroom location.

This time the line was from the Oasis song “Gas Panic” and was “If you hear me tap on your window, you better get on your knees and pray, cos panic is on the way”. 

Although the image was more or less already in my head, it doesn’t really correspond with the meaning of the overall song. However, I took the line and made it mean something different. This is ok in my book as the images in this project are taken individually and therefore out of context and it’s not always important to link it with the body of the song.

In this case, I received a reply from the gorgeous Izabela and her wonderfully creative and supportive partner Vinny. She seemed to immediately ‘get it’ and turned out to be perfect for the ‘role’. The brief was for her to look, well, kinda like she does in the resulting photograph. It certainly was a departure from her normal stunning look but one she threw herself into with great gusto, thought and a great degree of acting skill.

I wanted the bedroom to look as dishevelled as she did and for the impression to be one of continual unpleasantness rather than a one off episode. Her look and and the slight distortion given by the wide angle of the lens has resulted in an image that surpassed my hopes.

It was by chance that I asked her to look straight into the lens but I think it does give more of a sense of need and desperation, as if the viewer could maybe help. It is intentional that it takes the eye a bit of time to reach the figure in the window (Vinny) which ultimately took the longest to light correctly. The room lighting was from a single standard lamp placed in the right front corner of the room.

The processing is deliberately dark and gritty. Detail wasn’t important, impression and feel was…



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