As part of my ongoing photo Lyric Project I decided to arrange to shoot the lovely Layla-Leigh (model) in Bristol yesterday.

The lyric we were working with is from the Oasis song Little by little and is one that has always grabbed me. As usual with a brilliant lyric, it’s so simple as to be almost flippant and yet it is immensely profound.

“True perfection has to be imperfect…”

Six words that speak of experience, a jaded view of the world and by someone who has lost the naivety of life. The song itself is about life, of someone struggling to find its meaning and realising how futile it all is and ends with the line, “Why am I really here?”

However, as with much of this project, I have taken the one line and ignored the rest of the song. The six words having millions of meanings and endless ways of portraying their depth.

I chose to adopt a stance photographically that I hope challenges quite a lot of things.

Firstly, what is perfection? The corporate world constantly shoves a ‘vision’ they think is perfect and one we should all aim for. Advertising thrusts beauty, youthfulness and lifestyle down our throats constantly. The dream, the hope and the aspiration. Is it any wonder that many of us fall short of the ideals and then realise that hey, it isn’t so bad after all.

Beauty is a matter of opinion and subjectivity. We all know that it takes many forms and many judgements are made about our fellow man as a result.

This humble image, or in fact two images, aims to be as simple as the line in the song. It is a slight on the world of beauty (that I myself am a part of) and all that goes with it. I hope like the song itself, it means so much more…

Model: Layla-Leigh Hair & make-up: Layla-Leigh

Model: Layla-Leigh
Hair & make-up: Layla-Leigh