More Pet Photography…

As a result of the recent post about photographing pets, I was approached with a request to photograph another gorgeous canine called Django.

We were a little uncertain how this would go given that Django is a touch nervy. We didn’t want him spooked or to be upset by the experience. So, I carefully followed my own advice and arranged the small studio as required making sure all strobes were on ‘silent’ mode and the shoot could be conducted quickly and with the least distraction possible.

We firstly made sure that Django was comfortable with me, away from the studio, relaxed and happy. We then brought him into the ‘studio’ environment with the appropriate handful of treats for his attention. While happy next to his owner we flashed the lights to see if he was likely to be spooked. His attention never wavered from the extended treat and he didn’t flinch at the bright flash of light. So we tried it again, and again, making sure each time he didn’t react negatively.

With the biggest hurdle out of the way we proceeded with the shoot. Treats again worked their magic, keeping his eyes and head focussed where we wanted. We shot in two short sessions, reviewing the first sitting’s images and adjusting for the second set. The whole shoot probably lasted a maximum of 10 mins. Ideal for Django and perfect for keeping the attention focussed where we wanted.

Anyway, here are the results.





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