Canon 7D Mark ii – High ISO Test


Here is a very quick test shot using the new Canon 7D Mark ii in almost dark conditions. No adjustments made other than a touch of sharpening but at 10,000 iso VERY acceptable!


Sigma 85mm at f1.6, 10,000 iso, 1/250th Sec, shot in jpeg

Difficult to see on a small jpeg but trust me the noise is very small and VERY usable at these settings.

Happy bunny!



Sunny Ireland


What’s all this talk about Ireland being a damp and sometimes slightly sullen isle weather-wise? We visited earlier in the year and spent a week touring around the southern counties, stopping where we wanted and enjoying the beautiful views in almost perfect sunshine!

The southern peninsulas of Kerry and Dingle were particular highlights with Kinsale town also being a cool destination. We covered some miles but stayed in some gorgeous campsites along the way. Safe to say, we will be back. My previous visit had been a fleeting one to the east coast and that had some photographic opportunities but the south is famed for its views and scenery and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Although not a photographic trip per se, we still managed to get the cameras out to record our road trip and capture some images along the way.


Portmagee with early morning mist

The above image of Portmagee was inspired by some images I had seen on the trip and I liked the way it captures the colourful village with a backdrop of hill fog creating a scene that I expect is all too familiar in these parts.


Stream and bridge nr Tintern Abbey

This shot was taken near Tintern Abbey and was just as a heavy shower was about to unload! The weather gave the image a good light and dream like quality.


Heavy Skies over Ardmore

Showers were infrequent but heavy during our first day but this led to dramatic shots before the inevitable downpour.

Early evening in Kinsale

Early evening in Kinsale

Another lovely sky and hint of a rainbow in a lovely town.

Ireland-1208_tn Ireland-1176_tn Ireland-1092_tn

Finally the weather we hoped for and stayed for the rest of our trip. Taken in the Ring of Kerry and Dingle Peninsula.