Hair Flick!

This image is the classic “Girl in Pool’ hair flick shot that we did for fun.

It requires an element of trial and error and ideally would have a more neutral background. The sun was behind the model and slightly to the right of camera which helped to highlight the water splashes against the darker backdrop.

Technically, it’s relatively simple. A wide aperture, a fast shutter speed, low ISO and a model willing to keep on and on doing ‘the flick’ until the shot has been achieved. The techs are 1/1600th sec, f3.5, 100ISO shot with a 70-200mm zoom lens at 80mm. It’s an effective look and post processing has been kept to a minimum with a slightly contrasty retro feel improving the original shot.

Its fun to shoot and adds a distraction to the hot, lazy, summer days during the holiday period…


About squashimagery

Uber cool photographer bloke!!
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