Edro III, Sea Caves, Cyprus


On a recent trip to Paphos, Cyprus we investigated the wreck of the cargo ship Edro III at Peyia that ran aground in stormy weather on the 8th December 2011. It was en route from Limassol to Rhodes carrying a freight of plasterboard.

I had scoped the wreck out on Google Maps and decided the best time of day to photograph it would be around sunset on a clear evening (any summer day in Cyprus!).

When we arrived early it seemed churlish to refuse a couple of beers and a meal at the nearby excellent cafe, Oniro By The Sea, that overlooks the rugged bay and rotting hull. The ship sits around 15-20 metres off shore, near an outcrop and looks expectedly out of place in a lovely blue sea.

I took various shots at different angles during the sunset but this one is my favourite. There were a few others taking pictures and it struck me that this otherwise plain and functional vessel would never normally┬ábe so photographed if it weren’t for its unusual predicament.

There are plans to salvage the stricken vessel this year.