Hebridean Witchcraft

I make no apologies that this photograph is a (very) broad take on the Blair Witch mythology.

It was taken at an eerie, damp, dilapidated house on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides (Western Isles), Scotland. The road leading to this site is extremely remote and although never in the slightest bit haunting the area is stark, harsh and inhospitable. The house itself is one of many on the islands that create their own aura when visited. Who lived there? How did it come to be neglected….death? Simple abandonment? It is unlikely to be due to anything linked to witchcraft or sinister but the sadness of the crumbling buildings and the vivid reminders of a life once existing under its now long fallen-in roof leaves you with an unnerving feeling…  

This image represents one of Rustin Parr’s child victims.Image

Model: Rich Lock     


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