Northern Lights Photographs

All of the following photos of the Aurora Borealis were taken around Tromso, northern Norway, inside the Arctic Circle over the past week.

Aurora-0862_tn Aurora-0883_tn Aurora-0878_tn Aurora-0875_tn Aurora-0872_tn Aurora-0892_tn Aurora-0896_tn Aurora-0905_tn Aurora-0919_tn Aurora-0938_tn Aurora-1056_tn Aurora-1041_tn Aurora-0961_tn Aurora-0944_tn Aurora-0958_tn Aurora-1059_tn Aurora-1105_tn Aurora-1118_tn Aurora-1126_tn Aurora-1142_tn


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2 Responses to Northern Lights Photographs

  1. Cal says:

    Stunning photos! A sight I would very much like to see for myself soon.

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