Lords of Lightning


In the Summer we took the VW Van up to T in the Park nr. Kinross, Scotland to spend a happy weekend at the great festival there. It took us around 24 hours to get fully into ‘festival’ mode before we chilled and had an amazing time. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t get a press pass so decided to not take any camera equipment at all (well, apart from my lovely little Panasonic GF1). 

It was good to have a break but these guys were there on the first night and that kinda made me wish I had brought some better equipment along. 

They basically turn on a massive generator and stand, clothed in chain mail suits including full head gear and then aim 3 million volts of lightning at each other. It is quite a spectacular show that lasts about 10 mins (I guess any more and it becomes dangerous?) before they take their applause and disappear. With their small platform placed right next to Arcadia it was a pretty electric(!) show. Standing in the front row against a metal fence was a bit worrisome but we soon got used to it. 

Anyway, here are a couple of grabs of the fun…



2 thoughts on “Lords of Lightning

    1. Hi Calvin, yeah, not much to report really, given the type of show you obviously aren’t allowed too close so wide angle maybe not the best? Under expose a touch so you don’t get the strikes too blown out and have a blast! The contrast (as most performances are at night for obvious reasons) is too much for most sensors so its a question of doing what you can and lifting the darks in post.

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