Floating Dance


I have for a while been intrigued with the idea of photographing people seemingly floating in ‘normal’ scenes. The idea being to leave the viewer slightly puzzled as to why and what is going on. I haven’t perfected the thought process yet so this example is just a quick experiment to help my brain along its long and slow winding path. The technique is quite simple but the creativity angle is what is slowing me down…

I am unsure as to how a series of images will end up and I have seen quite a few examples by other photographers but none of them have quite captured what I know I want to do.  Anyway, here is the general idea and it is VERY much a work in progress!



Lords of Lightning


In the Summer we took the VW Van up to T in the Park nr. Kinross, Scotland to spend a happy weekend at the great festival there. It took us around 24 hours to get fully into ‘festival’ mode before we chilled and had an amazing time. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t get a press pass so decided to not take any camera equipment at all (well, apart from my lovely little Panasonic GF1). 

It was good to have a break but these guys were there on the first night and that kinda made me wish I had brought some better equipment along. 

They basically turn on a massive generator and stand, clothed in chain mail suits including full head gear and then aim 3 million volts of lightning at each other. It is quite a spectacular show that lasts about 10 mins (I guess any more and it becomes dangerous?) before they take their applause and disappear. With their small platform placed right next to Arcadia it was a pretty electric(!) show. Standing in the front row against a metal fence was a bit worrisome but we soon got used to it. 

Anyway, here are a couple of grabs of the fun…


The Gower


Went to visit the Gower, South Wales at the weekend to investigate the landscape there for future shoots. I came away with a feeling of calm and absolutely loved the gentle beauty that exists in the region. We only scratched the surface but saw enough to tell me that there is much to photograph and plenty to keep the mind occupied image wise.

We stayed near Rhossili and the south coast has some of the most beautiful beaches in the UK. Sandy beaches surrounded by interesting rocky outcrops that would be perfect for dawns and sunsets. These images were captured at sunset near Worms Head and although we saw a lovely sunset, the cloud cover wasn’t sufficient for anything too spectacular. It was cold but I think it could get a whole lot colder there!

Images taken with Canon 5D III, 17-40mm f4 L lens at 100 ISO and f18 using tripod.


Tom Daley


About 3 years ago I had the privilege and pleasure of photographing Tom whilst with the GB Diving Team in Rome at their warm weather training. During that time I chatted all too briefly to Tom over the two days I was there. I spent the time with the whole team and the coaches that were training for the Worlds and ultimately, the upcoming 2012 Olympics. 

Although Tom had no idea who I was, he took time out to chat to me, to welcome me and to ensure I got the pictures that I needed and wanted. At no time did anyone in the team make me feel anything other than part of their happy, fun and very hardworking environment. Tom was a perfect gentleman to his fellow team-mates, to the coaches and to the onlookers that probably invade his whole life. He even did a BBC Radio 5 Live interview on the mini-bus to the Hotel we were staying at. He was incredible, one minute a joker and the next the consummate professional at 17 years old, talking like he had been in the media all of his life. I guess in a way, he has.

What he has done today is sad and a terrible reflection on our society. Still we live with these crazy, petty prejudices that force even the likes of Tom, one so young, to ‘come out’ as gay, and have to bare his soul. It is none of our business. We shouldn’t care what he or anyone else does in their private lives. So he has a boyfriend. Good for him, I really and truly hope that he is happy with his lover. I for one will continue to love him for his dedication, commitment and flawless character in the face of extreme pressure. I am just so disappointed it matters and he felt the need to have to do it. 

I am sorry Tom that we have made you record that video. However, as always, you have done yourself enormous credit. Fantastic you have found happiness, fantastic that you are in love and well done you for doing it with such grace and class. 

And for no other reason than he is so beautiful here are a few of the pics I took whilst in Rome with the team.