Death On The Bank

It has been a while since I have had a chance to do any landscaping photography. So, on a recent trip to France I decided that I would try to spend just a little time on landscape imagery, even though the visit was not a photography one.

This shot was taken quite by chance. It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t intended to be it was just chance. We walked along the bank of a lake and this huge dead fish lay here, on its back, having been stripped of all of its life giving nutrients. Even in death I could see that once it had been a mighty specimen. How it met its demise is not clear. Maybe a clumsy fisherman or natural causes, who knows. Its colour was striking and yet in keeping with the surroundings. Given the lack of water in the mid-summer lake, maybe it had been dead for a long time and exposed by the receding water-line.

The time was nearing the golden-hour as the sun set and the light was just turning to enhance the already orangey-yellow bones stranded on the bank. Its odd but to me, there is a natural beauty somehow in such a macabre scene. Its death has probably fed many other types of life form and such is nature. Such is the cycle.

Anyway, I liked the stark and desolate nature of it so thought I would post it and see if others did too!

Tech: Handheld ISO 640, f14, 1/200th Sec – 24mm

France Aug 13-4143_tn


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