More Golf!

A couple of weeks ago I asked my good friend, Nick Brennan if I could take some photographs of him playing some shots at his course, Bowood in Wiltshire. Now, as he is a top professional, I decided to trust him where perhaps, I wouldn’t have trusted a lesser player!

My aim was to get right in on the action. We started with some drives. I stood about 60 yards down the middle of the fairway and asked Nick to fire some drives over my head. It sounds quite dangerous but with a tripod, a 7D and a 400mm f2.8 strapped to the front, I felt quite safe (for good measure I was crouched down and only looked through my viewfinder!)

It quickly became apparent that even though I was potentially risking my good health and equipment, the shots weren’t dramatic enough! So I got a bit closer. Anyway, here are the results.

Nick-6973_tn Nick-7009a_tn



























From there we went up to the green to shoot some bunker shots which do look quite dramatic with the sand splashing around Nick.

Nick-7086_tn Nick-7134_tn

We then tried some chipping, these balls were landing approx 12 inches away from me but it is difficult to give the images that sense of drama!

Nick-7308_tn Nick-7379_tn



























Finally, we tried some putting and changing the focal point from Nick to following the ball as it arrowed towards the cup with me lying on the damp turf! Huge thanks to Nick and to Bowood Golf and Country Club which is in fantastic condition for the upcoming summer.

Nick-7437_tn Nick-7628_tn


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