You will have realised by now that being a Corporate photographer means that you get involved with lots of interesting subjects and shoots. For many years now I have enjoyed the game of golf as many do.

When I was asked to shoot a recent business networking event at Hamptwoth Golf Club,  Hampshire for D2 Integrated and their new venture, I asked if we might try something different. This was to shoot players in action rather than the more traditional 1st tee group shots. This was due to the fact that having attended many golfing ‘days’ myself in the past, I have many shots of me stood on a tee with people I don’t really know but none of me actually playing the game. 

So, after agreement from the team I was free to roam the course in a borrowed buggy and to shoot participants cracking away drives or trying to hole tricky putts. The networking event was a great success and seeks to bring together likeminded individuals for a business networking meeting combined with a few holes of golf in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. 

We hope you like the shots both golfing and photographically!