Loneliness of a Cyclist

We all know about the glories of our Olympic Cyclists over the past year and ‘our’ Bradley Wiggins’ massive success in the greatest cycling event on the planet, The Tour De France but what does it take to get there?

In this small series of photographs we tried to capture one keen cyclist’s efforts during the depths of a cold and miserable winter, not competing in anything but simply training. I guess millions of us will never have the abilities of the Hoy’s, Pendleton’s and Cavendish’s however, we ride, we train either for clubs or merely for pleasure and to keep the old waistline from expanding.

David Bike w:m tn


Well, it is to you hardy folk that these images are posted for. Those that will never see any glory, those unlikely to claim any victory that will ever be seen outside of your own household, that these apply to. Those of you who, despite the weather, the season, the conditions, continue to eat up the miles for your own aims and aspirations. We salute you and hope you enjoy and identify with these photographs. We hope they portray the odd days when perhaps you wish you had stayed in bed and hopefully we have grabbed that sense of loneliness you sometimes feel when pounding away around Britain’s more bleak roads!

This shoot was completed at dusk in the wilds of the countryside at a temperature of        -4°C, it was cold!

David Bike1 w:m tn David Bike2 w:m tn


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