The RPS Members’ Biennial Exhibition 2013

It is with much delight and pride that we announce that our wonderful photographer Rich Ellis has had not only one, but two images accepted into the Royal Photographic Society’s Members’ Biennial Exhibition 2013. This accomplishment is even more exciting when you realise that there are only 100 images in the exhibition and Rich’s entries were chosen from nearly 9,000 member submissions! 

The exhibition itself starts touring the country in February 2013 and begins at The Harlequin Centre in Watford. 

“I am honoured to have these images accepted in such a prestigious exhibition and to be considered amongst such esteemed company. The quality of the images accepted are outstanding and it is always good to know that the Judges think your work to be worthy of display” – Rich commented recently.

The two images accepted are posted below:


Nick Robinson-Baker, Olympic Diver, London 2012


Robert and His Meccano

 The image of GB Olympic Diver, Nick Robinson-Baker was taken as a prelude to the Olympics this year and the aim was to capture a slightly different image than the norm whilst still keeping the patriotism of the games alive. 

The image of local man “Robert” was shot earlier this year as part of Rich’s “An Englishman’s Home…” project. This project seeks to capture the diverse nature of UK men in their home environments. 

Rich again commented, “Both of these images are very different and produced for different reasons. Nick has become a personal friend and we wanted to produce a cool looking image that went with his fierce national loyalty. The photograph of Robert is much more documentary in its nature and aims to show how men in the UK live around their hobbies and passions. Robert is mad keen on Meccano and I thought the image provided an interesting insight into his personal world.”

We at Squash Imagery, a Chippenham based photographic company, are proud of our work and this just further enhances our reputation and capabilities in the commercial sector. 

Our congratulations go to Rich and all the contributors, finalists and Award winners of this wonderful exhibition. The link at the RPS Main website is here:



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