Every once in a while we are asked to do a shoot that is slightly different and a few weeks ago we were asked to take some images of a newborn baby. Well, she was 10 weeks old and as usual, we were looking for a photograph that pleased the family as well as our own artistic bent.

We arrived at the proud parents house together with our mobile studio consisting of a couple of Elinchrom 500’s and light adapters. My fave is of course the beauty dish given the lovely soft and even light this gives portraits. We discussed the options and then looked around their house for the best room to shoot from and settled on the newly decorated and importantly daylight flooded Nursery.

Gary and Kylie were perfect models and parents, not too fussy, happy to entertain our silly ideas and immediately everything was conducive to a nice relaxed shoot. We started with just some natural light shots that got everyone into the swing of things including the delightful little Olivia and managed to grab some great shots of her while the sun briefly flitted in and out of the clouds giving us changing light conditions.

We then pulled the curtains and set up the lights with a good plain background and took some more posed shots with the parents and Olivia proving to be real stars. Things all took a turn for the worse when we tried to get some shots of Olivia in her birthday suit cuddled up to Dad but we decided to abandon that idea as it seemed to distress her somewhat! Quite right too I hear you say…

Olivia then decided that she had used up all her energy reserves and promptly, as babies do, conked out and fell to sleep. However, these occasions sometimes pull out the best images and it is during this time at the end of our shoot that we grabbed this shot that to me, is guaranteed to melt even the hardest of hearts.

…and, relax

The image, once on screen instantly became my favourite one. Babies can be  so cute that to catch them when they are looking so sweet and innocent is the trick we all endeavour to pull off. The fact she isn’t fully in view only adds to the shot as often, less is more.

In post, we simply applied a warming filter and added creamy highlights to a gentle mono conversion to give the image a more calm and dreamy feel. The crop also adds to the gentleness leaving space for the image to breathe and feel light and airy.

The couple have decided upon two of our other images but for me, this image captures the great trusting and comforting overview of parenthood.


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