Ireland here we come….!

The last few days have been spent shooting images for the “Englishman’s Home…” project and some landscaping for pleasure!

I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to shoot Mike who has two snakes he keeps in his home as pets. I even got to hold “Monty” his pet Royal Python which was a first for me and tremendously exciting! He had never bitten anyone and I was far too kind to him to upset him but Mike did warn me to keep my nose away from his face as they sometimes mistake them for a mouse!  “Maddox”, the Corn Snake was a bit too lively for me however. At just over 5 feet she is totally beautiful. She has amazing markings and Mike obviously looks after them really well as they are in prime condition.

The task was to shoot Mike in his home environment with his snakes. We decided on the living room with Maddox climbing over the door frame and Monty being hand held. My dilemma was that it was very tempting to shoot only these gorgeous creatures and not what I had come to do! So I managed to take some of Mike in his living room with his snakes being ‘part’ of the scene rather than ALL of it!

As I complete more of these shoots I realise that I am just a voyeur of these lovely people’s lives. Whilst it is tempting to re-arrange furniture etc it cannot be done! I shot Mike using an on camera flash for fill and a narrow depth of field. I am happy with the result and I have my memory of my first snake handling to also take with me.

At the weekend we shot down to the New Forest to visit some old and great friends to watch the rugby and generally hang out. On the Sunday morning we visited a site my friend knew on the River Test that promised much pre-dawn. However, although there was even a bit of snow on the ground, the cloud cover was too heavy and consequently there was no light of any worth to two budding and expectant photographers in arctic gear.

All was not lost as we then drove all over the Forest looking at potential spots to revisit and photograph in favourable light and misty conditions in either spring or autumn.

Which leads me onto this weekend, which for me, starts tomorrow as I am off with me bestest buddies to visit the Emerald Isle of Ireland on its beautiful west coast for my Stag weekend. Yes, it has come to this. I have now to get married in order to come up with the great excuse of needing to visit a photogenic country and boy does it look amazing. We are right on the coast overlooking a small estuary and bay. I am already dreaming of Guinness and sunsets…..

Corn snake, royal python and Mike

Monty, Maddox and Mike


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