Things have been busy all round with plenty of planning going on for various projects and opportunities.

There are two main ones. One a money making venture that links to marketing and loosely to photography. The other is pure photography and is taking some time to get prepared and into full swing. It is this one that is sparking the artful side of the brain and challenging mentally how to develop and create!

I now have a number of volunteers to really get the project, “An Englishman’s Home…”, up and running and it is tremendously exciting. I have a lovely mixture of people too and I desperately want to get many many more. The possibilities for this are limitless and the more I have the better the outcome and result.

Early this morning I shot a fantastic local character called Zippy. A real genuine gent who leads a simple but happy life, asking for little and enjoying lots. He doesn’t bother others and keeps himself to himself and lives alone in his little caravan with his small dog Sophie. We arranged to meet quickly before he went out and he happily posed in the freezing conditions (-4°C) outside his van with his little dog. It was a slight challenge in that there was so much I wanted to include about where he lived but also who he is. He has a characterful face and I wanted to capture that, his interaction with his beloved dog and the van itself. I also wanted to try to include the massive pylon and lines that loomed ominously over his van but that was a step too far. I couldn’t logistically manage to capture all three.

The sun was out and bright and not long risen so I feared the worst as I approached his home but luckily his van faced totally the opposite direction. My only slight issue was creating enough depth of field at the same time as a high enough shutter speed to handhold. I compromised the former and shot mostly at f3.5 which is enough to get Zippy himself sharp, and he is the main point and focus of the image.

I am not as yet going to post any of the final images here but here is a slightly different shot of the two of them I took today, not heavily processed but will hopefully give you an idea of the style and approach taken. Remember, I am trying to show men in and around their homes as they live, as it is. It is not meant to be a ‘staged’ shot so I am trying to discipline myself to not direct the subjects too much. I would rather they be as they are and let the viewer decide who is leading the happiest and most content life!

Zippy with Sophie

I already have a few dates booked up to shoot some other people but I still need more! Please keep sending your suggestions through to me and I will follow up every single one of them. Everyone is important and everyone will be treated with the utmost of respect.


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