Woopidy Doo….. I really need YOU!

So the Chinese New Year has begun and my new project has also got under way! To say that I am delighted is an understatement of heyooge proportions.

For those of you not yet aware of what my new project is for 2012, Olympic Year, it is a series of environmental portraits of British people in their homes. It is intended to show all aspects of life; rough, smooth, well-heeled, poor, famous, unknown, local and national. It is the simplicity of “An Englishman’s Home is his castle” with a modern twist. The twist is that the subjects do not have to be English just living in the UK or UK citizens.

I am on the lookout for interesting MEN that either have interesting ‘room consuming’ hobbies or are interesting just in themselves. I want to photograph them on their territory. In their world. A world that due to the breakdown of the community in this country, few people outside close family/friends generally get to see. Everybody lives differently and everybody has different ‘quirks’ and approaches to what makes a home a home. Males tend to be compulsive and sometimes impractical, compulsive about hobbies or their looks. I want to take photographs, hundreds of them, showing everyday UK citizens in their own private worlds.

This week I have taken my first image and processed it. It is of Les, a Hotel Owner from Wiltshire. It does not sensationalise or undermine Les. It is Les, Les in his world, where he is at his happiest. I am delighted with this image, it is a marker and a standard that I need to uphold and build from.

As a result of this first success, whilst chatting away about the project, I now have two more opportunities, one that hopefully, weather permitting, takes place this Friday. I am so excited. It is going to be such a challenge and such a journey. I have many other people I know on my list but then again, more importantly, there are so many people out there that I don’t know. But you might.

I am now sending out an official plea to everyone. You all know somebody that would be appropriate for this project. The guy that collects/builds/makes/looks after etc etc, maybe that you work with or who is a neighbour or friend, that would make an interesting subject for this project. Maybe they live their work at home and it is all consuming for them. Maybe they have the most spectacular beard and/or moustache, or collection of dickie-bow ties. The project will result in a book and hopefully an exhibition, that will simply show each person in their domain, the titles will be their first name, job title and area within which they live.

I have all the necessary info to hand if you would like it to give to someone you know or alternatively you could email me details at rich@ellisimagery.co.uk and I will contact directly and explain the purpose of my enquiry. It should also of course be a bit of fun as well as being a serious project during the UK’s Olympic Year.

I truly do look forward to hearing from you as soon as you can. You know that if you leave it you will forget about it! Let me know now and I will keep on reminding you!! Lets make this project work and become a serious piece of meaningful art.

Respect, Rich X


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