Given the views expressed in recent posts regarding the art of photography I thought I would make this post a slightly less serious one!

When we go away for pleasure in the UK we like to tour around and get to see an area as much as possible. However, we also like to chill out and enjoy a slower pace of life. To this end we have purchased a VW T5 Van to convert into a Camper so we can do these trips easier and cheaper in the future. The plan is that we get the conversion done in April when we can then go traipsing around the countryside at (every?) weekends when we feel the weather is going to be ok and just when we fancy it!

It also will provide a great platform to go back into areas previously explored (see previous post) to get those shots that we missed due to bad light or timing or simply had no time to grab.

With this in mind we visited West Wales last weekend and although we stayed in an amazing Guest House, Coedmor Nr Barmouth, that totally ruined our January dieting best intentions, we did tons of driving in our still comparatively new (to us) van. The results are fantastic! It drives like a luxury car (only slightly noisier) and the view afforded by its higher seating is perfect for sightseeing. Being the short wheel base version it still means you can get it into most parking bays and its turning circle is better than most cars I have driven. Our other car is a Mini and it turns better than that!

However, it’s real joy is its engine. We have the 130bhp Auto box version and I have to say, it pulls like the proverbial train and the 6 speed gear box is so smooth you wouldn’t know it was changing them at all. I am so impressed I can’t tell you. I have owned some nice motors in my time on this planet but rarely have I enjoyed a vehicle so much. To think that in a couple of months we will then be able to stop wherever we want and make a cup of tea will make it even cooler and better. Oh, and we think it looks pretty cool already even before the alloys etc!!

Anyway, when tootling around the coast the other day, working our way up to Criccieth we stumbled onto this beach where it was possible to drive your car along the whole stretch seemingly. It must have been a mile or two long and there were cars all along it. I think it is called Treflys near Porthmadog? It is rare these days to be able to drive anywhere you want and this seemed to be a fitting place for our van!

VW T5 Transporter

Our 'Poppy' VW T5 Transporter, pre-op!!

This pic is processed in a 70’s style and distorted slightly, hope you like :-))


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