Project Launch

This week has thrown up some interesting opportunities that could mean for a very exciting coming weeks, months and maybe years. More of that to come.

I have been overwhelmed by the response to the Porthcawl images (Here). I posted them on Facebook and had unprecedented feedback from my friends there. I then thought I should post one on the RPS website as I have been so rude to them recently! Again, some very flattering comments and input. Its always great when you get positive feedback, sometimes you wonder whether your efforts (whats the eye equivalent to ‘falling on deaf ears’?) are noticed.

I posted those images on my website and have been mulling with the idea of changing the way the galleries work on there. The problem is that when I do so, some of the individual comments become badly positioned and detract from the image itself. I am not sure why but it isn’t as easy (is it ever) as just simply swapping the format over, which would be the best solution. Anyway, having set up a gallery I mailed my usual corporate contacts for feedback and future work. This exercise takes quite a while as I don’t just like to ‘spam’ these people, I have met most of them so I like to at least send some kind of personal message to them. However, this month the response seems to have been a bit gloomier than normal. A lot of agencies seem to be struggling whereas this time last year they were not quite so touched by the market downturns. I am hoping that good things come from these again but I think I will have to push harder and again broaden my horizons a bit more.

Over the Christmas break I met with an old friend who feels he has stumbled on a good idea for a wide market. In fact, most small businesses in the UK would be interested in the idea. I listened intently and then decided that I too agreed it was a great idea. We chatted through more detail and the upshot is that together with my niece, we are going to pilot a sales campaign to see if the demand for this service is as we think it might be. Sam, my niece, is exceedingly switched on and very dedicated to getting great results together with an inquisitive and sharp mind. A perfect foil for this old, long in the tooth duffer! If we are all right about this, it will be an exciting few months ahead finding out. If those few months go well then, well, we will see, lets cross bridge one first!

This evening we head off away to Barmouth in the southern area of Snowdonia and the forecast looks good for bright if a little cold, weather. We won’t have much time up there but we are taking cameras and gear so fingers crossed we can snap some decent landscapes again.

Finally, I have decided to fully commit to the “An Englishman’s Home…” project so am on the look out immediately for interesting subjects. If you know of any gentleman, any age, any class, any creed, of any political persuasion, any religion, of any standing who you think is interesting then please let me know. I am particularly interested in men who are dedicated to a hobby or collection, or who are eccentric in any way, or are interesting people in themselves. I am hoping to take portraits in the subjects home. The purpose is to look towards producing a book and or exhibition in the near future.

I leave you with my most visited subject of last year Danielle Watson who in the recent series, “This is England ’88” has gone from strength to strength with her acting career so far!

danielle watson, this is england

Star of This Is England, Danielle Watson


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