Book of Life

Since finishing the most recent project, I have found myself with some time to do the things that needed to be done after many weeks of finding my nose pressed against the grindstone! One of the things that I find a most enriching and interesting journey is to produce a photobook of my year.

I have completed this personal ‘diary’ for a few years now and this year will be as challenging as all the other years to date. The reason it is difficult is that it is a very pure and naked way of assessing how your skills have developed over a period of time. The beauty of the task is to select images that mean something to you personally and not necessarily because they are technically perfect photographs. This means that the book is both personal and important to you, the artist.

These books, so far, have not been commercially available, just given as Christmas gifts to nearest and dearest. Some of the images are deeply personal and some have been fun whilst others have just been a record of activities undertaken during the year. In this respect, it is a diary. A pictorial Diary of my life. This makes it challenging when trying to select the right images, those that capture that emotion, that moment, that feeling. Some are simple and easy to pick for all sorts of reasons. Others you find other people looking at and wondering what on earth you are doing selecting such an image for publication.

I have decided that this year there will be more comment where necessary and no comment where the image speaks for itself. Photographically the year has been an interesting one. Previous years have seen a slant towards landscape or portrait but this one is probably a big shift towards commercial and live music.

Making commentary about one’s own images is also a task that requires much thought. Too much and you seem over indulgent, too little and the impact can be lost. I try to be sparing, allowing the image to breathe but I find myself like a lyricist not wanting to print the words sometimes. A balance is going to be the key here methinks.

In the meantime as I undertake this time consuming task I leave you with a personal image of my daughter snapped literally moments before her school dance performance. The image speaks massively to me, beautiful innocence, lively expectation and youthful confidence. I love this picture, almost as much as I love her, because it speaks so totally about who and what she is. To you, Holly, my stunning, gorgeous daughter…

Holly, in dance make-up


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