It has been a while again I know but life as always has been busy and fun, looking for the best in everything!

I have just returned from a social trip to Spain where we did our best to uphold the “Brits Abroad” tag and annoy every single other holidaymaker in the 5* Resort hotel we were staying in. It wasn’t our fault of course, some idiot decided that ‘All inclusive’ would be a good idea and we mean ‘All’ when we say this. Food (yumyum), beer, wine and sadly, spirits and cocktails. Now, what fool would offer this kind of deal to 16 Brits away for four days? Well, the amazing Benelup Hotel in Southern Spain. We took on and totally defeated the locals at pool even though they had their own cues and own weird rules! Of course we were very graceful and only rolled around on the floor shouting for a couple of minutes in celebration!

We were there for golf and the coveted trophy. There are many rules and regulations during this visit and far too complicated to go into now. However, our resident professional finished in first place this year followed by some foreign chap with me a very creditable and brilliant 3rd!!

Last week and so far this week was spent in a mad panic dash to get all images and artwork prepared for the upcoming launch of the new guitar/instrument brand in London that was hopefully hitting the streets on Friday of this week. I have sadly heard today that it will now not be until a few weeks later due to the normal teething problems these things come up against. This is a shame as the effort that has gone in has been substantial and we are really looking forward to seeing the results. Some of the imagery is beautiful (although we may say it ourselves!) and the design work done really gives the brand a London, urban cool theme. Rock on Shaftesbury!

We have a few other shoots up and coming that should be more fun and interesting rather than commercial but that is the way of the world sometimes isn’t it?

We have also managed to get our exhibition prints into a display over at the The Bell House Hotel, Sutton Benger so if you are ever passing then pop in, take a look and see what you think. Virtually all the images are landscapes taken both locally and around the South West UK. The layout is good and the feedback so far has been very pleasing so drop in, hang out and have a wee dram while you drink in the beauty of these places on show…..see what we did there?

Till next time X

Putting at Benelup, Spain

WeeMan putting on his way to victory, Benelup, Spain

lands end, UK sunset

Exhibition Print of Lands End at Sunset on show at The Bell House Hotel, Sutton Benger, Wiltshire, UK


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