Busy Bee Mee

Hold on to the world…..its whizzing past at a massive rate of knots and I am not seeming to be able to hold on too well! My mind is racing, As it always will, My hands tired, my heart aches, I’m half a world away and go…Thanks Mike.

Things are great here at the moment. Busy is an understatement but fun and thrills abound. The biggest two things are new Van and new instrument branding and imaging.

Starting with Van, we picked up our ‘new’ VW T5 Transporter 2008 van with its gleaming re-spray ‘Tornado Red’ exterior. It is a beauty, and drives like a train with a 2.5 litre 130 bhp 6 speed auto box and thats before the re-map we intend to get her! Add a couple of bling side bars and a spoiler delivered today (to be fitted by yours truly!), and you have one mean looking red devil. The seats for passengers arrive tomorrow and all it then needs is a set of new boots which will have to wait for the moment. Then the real work starts. Camper conversion for weekends away, Mmmmmm…..old age kicking in yet do you reckon?

The second busy bee maker is the upcoming launch of a new brand of guitar/instruments for a big retailer in London. I will not name them just yet as I don’t want to steal their thunder but we are making websites, branding, imagery and attitude as we speak and it does look goddamn ass kickingly cool!! Rock on the 25th November when launch day happens. It is soo exciting but some serious shooting and imagery needing to be done by then.

To leave you with, I realise to my horror that I haven’t updated you with my latest “Lyric” image so here it is and here the beautiful Natasha is. The lyric is “when I looked round you were gone”. Hope you like it. Natasha was a dream to work with and we took over her living room to create this. She looks amazing and was a joy, striking the pose as requested and getting into the ‘part’ as necessary. It always sounds so easy to do but in reality, to get even pro’s to chill, enjoy and play the person you want them to be is not always easy. Issues get in the way and us ‘togs can be a right royal pain in the arse! Anyway, here it is and semi-naked girl, Natasha, in her lovely lingerie makes the scene perfect.


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