Refreshing the parts…

I have noticed how many of my posts start with a title and then “…” I wonder if that has a significant meaning, like I never get anything finished or something like that?…

This last week we have basked in a glorious week away in the English Lake District, Cumbria. For those of you that have been, you will already know quite how beautiful the area is and how different each major lake is. We stayed in a little flat overlooking Ullswater (our favourite lake) and pretty much toured each day, exploring new sights and sounds each day. We were also incredibly lucky with the weather. On the day we arrived it was chucking it down as we unpacked the car. As we packed it up today, it was lamping it down as well! Pretty much totally in between those two events, we had good weather. Well, good for the North of England that’s for sure! I went with my normal hope of being able to photograph something up there that nobody else has ever got near to seeing, like I do, and making my significant fortune with one lovely landscape shot. It didn’t happen. Got some nice ones but the time I thought I was going to get a cracker sunset, as often happens, we waited, and waited and then nothing happened. The sun kinda gave up and went home.

We needed the break as the previous week had seen us fiercely shooting for adverts and website for an up and coming re-launch of a major British guitar maker. This has seen us shooting around the streets of Soho, London in Blues dens and studios. The shooting hasn’t finished yet and then there is the marketing materials to produce and the wording to get right. It is going to be a very busy and exciting time up to the official launch day of the 25th November. We are all very excited to see how the final look comes out and how early sales of the lovely instruments goes.

An update on the Camper van is that we are starting legal proceedings against Devon Camper Conversions (DCC) or Phoenix Coachworks of Exeter in Devon for failing to produce us a van and failing to repay us our considerable deposit. They now claim it was an “non refundable deposit”! Yeah right. Luckily we have proof that it wasn’t and the Police and Trading Standards are very interested in the fraud and keen to hear if others have had any unpleasant dealings with these people. An absolutely unbelievable rip-off and cowboy attitude of a firm that obviously has no integrity, back bone or morals. Now where is that T4 Forum on the web again?

The happy outcome however is that we are the proud owners of a gleaming red VW T5 that we collect tomorrow from a totally honest and hardworking firm called M4 Vans here in sunny Wiltshire. Good price, brilliant service and first rate customer care. It just goes to prove, some in the industry value their reputation. We are mega excited and stage 1 of our Camper is underway. We can’t obviously afford the full conversion now as some of our money has gone awry for a while!!

Will promise to keep this updated better as we get closer to the exciting re-launch of the Guitar brand of the 60’s/70’s! In the meantime here are a couple of more relaxing images from our recent trip up’t North!

Derwent Water pier in shadow, beautiful dancing water caused by dragged shutter

Taken from the top of Kirkstone Pass looking back down the valley towards Ullswater

Martindale on Ullswater in Cumbria, UK


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