Lows and disappointments

Heya Folks,

It’s been over two weeks since my last post, the longest time we have gone without a post! Have you missed us? It’s been a bore without you too!

To tell you the truth there hasn’t been too much going on in the wild world of Ellis Imagery of late. We have been planning a few shoots that are upcoming and trying to get to grips with things that really should be easy but in real life turn out amazingly complicated. I was always brought up with the fairly simple and straightforward adage that if you promise somebody something then you deliver it. It seems that others do not think this way.

My moan-in this month is about our previously exciting ‘wheels’ that would enable us to travel far and wide exploring the beautiful landscapes of the UK and Europe. The company we employed to undertake the purchase and conversion of the van have not overwhelmed us with speed, accuracy or customer service since we started. After waiting far longer than we should have done for the base vehicle, we were told three weeks ago that they had it! We arranged to go down and see it and finalise the spec of our conversion but unfortunately when we arrived, the van hadn’t got there as it was travelling down from Manchester. Still, a few days later we got an email saying she was there and got this photo.

Well, as you can see it isn’t the best pic and slightly odd that the pic is only of the front half of the van. It now transpires, a week before we are due to be picking the van up to go on a much needed and well earned holiday, that we discover via an insurance broker, that the van is not one we ordered or wanted. It is a long wheel base version which we won’t even be able to park in our drive and use at home! No worries I hear you say, contact the owner and he will sort it out! I have, he is in Columbia on holiday! He gets back two days before I was due to pick it up and drive it away. Did he know? You bet he did, what puzzles me is what did he expect me to say when I arrived to collect it and give him a considerable amount of money? Oh don’t worry? I’ll take it anyway? I wouldn’t mind but I had only made two real solid stipulations about the base vehicle. Air Con and short wheel base (SWB). That was it! Not hard is it? So here we are, two months later and no van, they still have a deposit of £2,000 and we have no way of even speaking to the guy! Not my best coupla weeks as you can see!

On the plus side, I have managed to squeeze in a shoot on my project and will be adding the result to my website very very soon. It is from the song “Alcoholic” by Starsailor and looks pretty sexy to me…. We have also seen the new Bateleurs website go sorta live with our pics heading most pages. Good luck with the album and the new website guys. www.bateleurs.co.uk

We will also be shooting big time at the ever popular mini fest here in sunny old Wiltshire NamFest. Details are here www.namfest.co.uk so get yer tickets, help a deserving charity and have a full on rock out sesh with the boys and girls from ‘Nam!

I’ll cheer up really soon and have some exciting news to impart!


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