The 70’s and Vans

This week has mostly been a good week! Not a lot has gone on but this weekend is going to be fun as we are visiting Vanfest in Malvern, Worcestershire and even watching the mighty Slade play in the evening. I think it’s Slade without Noddy Holder which seems a bit strange but still.

We are going as we have been told this week that at long last our VW T5 Transporter conversion company has found a base van for us which means they can start to convert it as soon as it is in their possession. We are dropping down to Exeter tomorrow to finalise the options and then will sit patiently until we get our treasured camper and head off to them there hills for a weekend of coolness!

We hope it will be a gleaming red in colour, enable us to cook basic stuff and enjoy days and weekends away without too much hassle. Sunsets and sunrises in the Winter will be a thing of availability now and I can’t wait. Especially as a Buddy has also recently purchased one and we can photograph those hard to get to landscapes at our leisure!

The reference in the title of this post to 70’s is my total inability to escape from the processing technique I keep perfecting and honing turning everything I do into some kind of Retro artwork. The Bateleurs shoot has seen me turning all of their images into something from a different era that I have convinced myself makes the images and the band look totally cool. We will see if they do too!

I have been asked to shoot Namfest (everything ends in ‘fest’ currently doesn’t it) again which will be a pleasure although the headline acts are not quite as universally known as last year, it will probably be a more rock out night as The Boys From County Hell take to the stage! Should be a laff as well as some good shooting opportunities will be no doubt forthcoming.

I have updated the website totally now and only have a couple of pics to upload and improve and although overall it looks the same it’s layout and galleries are a lot better and easier to navigate.

I now have plans to keep going with the “lyrics” shooting and also to get back snapping those landscapes and maybe when I have that van, I can start to chase some interesting weather as well!

The Bateleurs

We made use of the available Helter Skelter backdrop (as you do!)

The Bateleurs

The Bateleurs in full posing mode!


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