Trees and Bank Holidays

I travelled down to Somerset to see family and had a wonderful time seeing those closest in blood and heart. It never ceases to amaze how whatever the outlook, there is nothing warmer, more wholesome and complete, than love…

The more mundane things have been interesting too. The Bank Holiday weekend didn’t see us venture too far from base rather through lack of inspiration than any desire to avoid travel problems. We were looking forward to the annual visit to the Westonbirt Arboretum “Treefest”. Hugely gutted to see that the annual trunk carving spectacle was missing. Apparently due to poor commercial performance. The artistes loved displaying their skills and results but didn’t quite enjoy the lack of sales as much. Instead there were stalls and plenty for the young kids to do. That is of course, if you have young kids. Which we don’t. All was not lost however as I had promised a good friend that I would be covering their gig in the “Live Music” tent during their early evening performance. Now, lets be clear on this, The Bateleurs are a VERY good band and if you haven’t seen or heard them then shame on you. They have just released a new album “All in the past” and it is available on iTunes etc or via 

Having said I would cover just their performance I extended the brief happily, when asked by said friend, to shoot the band in various poses before the show. We allowed the rain showers to pass over and then ran for our carefully selected ‘locations’ around the festival. Half an hour later and the job was a goodun’. As usual I made the subjects pose in ways they never would normally and we had the lovely advantage of colourful Helter Skelters and hand hewn wooden blocks spelling out L I V E  M U S I C for us! (See Below) Lets hope they like them. The show was brilliant but the lighting in the internally black marquee was less than great. In fact it was bad. So, the live shots were not up to a great deal sadly. You can’t polish a thingummy now can you?

The following evening saw us watching the mighty Bad Lizard rock out at a local drinking establishment in preparation for their upcoming big gig on October 1st at Namfest, a fantastic night out all for a VERY worthy cause. A proper job, professionally managed, rock fest with 5 different bands playing in one night. It is rumoured that “The Boys From County Hell” will be performing and headlining and if that is correct then hold onto your hats and buy your tickets fast! Details can be found here

Although this week is a short one it already has had much going on in it. I have been approached for some work that could be a great three month contract and if all goes well it could be starting very soon indeedy! There are a couple of exciting new projects on the horizon that still promise to stretch my photography skills further and all of the future remains bright and we seems to be following a rising moon!

Big love and remember your family and friends…

The Bateleurs

Still only WIP (work in progress) but the germs of an idea? The Bateleurs doing their (well, my) thing!


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