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A quiet week has been had relaxing, chilling in the summer rays! Well, not really rays but summer goodliness and fluff!

We have now fully finished the Seagull shoot processing and put together a rather lovely video montage of the final shots to the beautiful and haunting music of Ed Sheeran’s ‘A Team’. The combination of the two made the client just today say “WOW” which is always a good reaction to get from any client! I have to admit, the final crisp product does look rather polished and scrummy! The first advert designed by us and put together for a very specific purpose was published in this month’s “Acoustic” guitar magazine. It is attached to this post so hopefully you will see its effect. We designed it to have a summery, surf and slightly retro feel to go with the Seagull brand. For a few more images please follow this link

We have finished the update to the website which has taken an absolute age and only really has effected the galleries and their layout rather than the look of the site. However, we feel the images are easier to navigate and have been updated to include a healthy mix of new and old images. Have a gander and let us know what you think, it’s always good to get some feedback on these things.

This week also saw us having to purchase a new and fully modern display monitor for client displays and general image showing off! It is a sexy Panasonic 42″ Plasma screen with fully integrated everything. Hats off to Comet for price and delivery speed which were unmatched anywhere else on the interweb! After some research I am staggered to have uncovered a real life full on scam that exists in the market today. That of HDMI leads. I went to a High Street chain to buy one and was staggered to see they came in many different sizes, speeds and price. Most of the ‘good’ ones were priced at around £60-£80. Well, shocked, I returned empty handed. After 20 mins on Google, I realise now what a total and utter rip-off these prices are. In the digital age, the cables either work or they don’t. There is no analogue “better quality” on these babies. Save your pennies and get the cheapest you can find. There is no such thing as different speeds or ‘gold’ connector enhancement. It is all a scientifically proved piece of hogwash. Get to Maplins and buy the one at £1.50. It will be exactly the same as the £600+ total rip that you can buy online! Incredible that they can still get away with this total and utter bo***x in this consumer protection age!

You have been told…..meanwhile, we shall enjoy our multi faceted plasma with cheap leads in full on HD this bank holiday weekend! Hope you all enjoy yours too XX

Seagull Guitar

Seagull Guitar Advert Model: Artemis_D5, Photography: Ellis Imagery Ltd, Assistant: Alma Haser


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